About Marni

Hi, my name is Marni Christensen. I hope you have enjoyed looking through my photos. When people view my photos, my goal is that they smile, laugh, or say, "Awww".

I am an award-winning photographer specializing in photographing pets for the last 7 years. I previously worked for a photography studio in Wisconsin for 8 years as a Portrait Photographer. Being a Photoshop expert (I took the test, haha), I enjoy embellishing photos afterward making them extra special. Animals are my passion and I love interacting with them.

Maybe you have seen my photos from the local animal shelters. I volunteer at the Red Desert Humane Society and Rock Springs Animal Control by taking photos of the awesome animals.

Marni Christensen is an award-winning master photographer specializing in pets, dogs, and cats in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Megan McComas

100 stars because 5 just won't cut it!! Marni has an amazing talent! She spent so much time just letting my dogs run around getting used to their brand new surroundings. I was worried at first that my two 85+ pound dogs would not be good and listen to take the pictures, I had no reason to worry! Marni has tons of toys, treats, and sound makers to get the dogs to sit still and take amazing pictures! She even got my two boys to sit together to take pictures! ...

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