About Marni

Hi, my name is Marni Christensen. I hope you have enjoyed looking through my photos. When people view my photos, my goal is that they smile, laugh, or say, "Awww".

I am an award-winning photographer specializing in photographing pets for the last 7 years. I previously worked for a photography studio in Wisconsin for 8 years as a Portrait Photographer. Being a Photoshop expert (I took the test, haha), I enjoy embellishing photos afterward making them extra special. Animals are my passion and I love interacting with them.

Maybe you have seen my photos from the local animal shelters. I volunteer at the Red Desert Humane Society and Rock Springs Animal Control by taking photos of the awesome animals.



THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER AROUND! It was a pleasure to working with Marni! She was so patient, calm, and professional! The photos were beautiful! We absolute love working with her! Defiantly will book again in the near future!

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