Remember Me - Senior Pet Portraits

Elderly pets have a special place in my heart. We have a pet for so long that they become members of the family. When they age or become ill, there is sometimes a rush to get photos so we always have memories of them. I make these sessions a priority and allow special booking times. I hate seeing families without beautiful photos of their precious pets.

“Regardless of the age of a dog, they remain our babies to the end of time.”


Remember Me - Senior Pets

• 2-Hour Photography Session
• Senior or Sick Pets (can have multiple pets)
• Text/Phone Consultation
• Priority Booking Dates
• In-Studio, Outside, or On-Location
• Viewing Session Included
• Expertly Photoshopped

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Frequently Asked Questions

My pet is deaf and/or blind (or enter other ailment here). Can they still be photographed?

• I handle special needs pets the best I can. There are different techniques to get a blind or deaf dog to look at the camera.
• I can also Photoshop eyes so cataracts aren't prominent if wanted.

What if I can't get my pet to your studio?

No problem!
• I can bring my equipment to you. Most of my backgrounds are portable and can be set up almost anywhere. (I suggest home visits for cats).

My pet has hip problems and has a hard time sitting or standing.

• We will try to have your pet move as little as possible and laying pictures are adorable too.
• My studio does have 4 stairs into it but I do have a back door that is a flat entrance.