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"Why does watching a dog be a dog

fill one with happiness?"

-Jonathan Safran Foer

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June 16-21, 2024


My dogs are crazy and don't sit still. Will you be able to get photos of them?

YES! Most of the dogs I photograph don't like to stay still. Working with shelter animals has taught me the importance of patience. The animals really just want attention so I take many breaks throughout the session to play. If that doesn't work, my camera is quick so it only takes a few seconds to take a good shot.

Can you photograph my cat or other exotic animal?

Yes. Cats are a special case since most of the time they hate car rides. If this is the case, I will suggest having me come to your house to photograph the cat instead of my studio. If your cat is extremely shy, we may have to spend most of our time with introductions.

My dogs can't be off leash at the park. How can we take pictures of them outside?

No worries! Most of the dogs I photograph outside are on leash. I believe in safety first! I can easily remove the leashes in Photoshop.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based in Rock Springs, Wyoming and I will travel within 30 minutes from my studio or within Sweetwater County. If you have a special location in mind, my Luxury Travel Sessions might be your answer. With this session, you can choose your location and we will meet there for epic photos.

Can I be in the photograph too?

Of course. I generally like to focus on the animals first and will throw in humans too.

I am confident I can capture a beautiful portrait of your pet.

~ Marni



THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER AROUND! It was a pleasure to working with Marni! She was so patient, calm, and professional! The photos were beautiful! We absolute love working with her! Defiantly will book again in the near future!

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