Pets & Their Humans Portraits

This may surprise people, but I started my photography career taking human portraits for 8 years in Madison, Wisconsin. Pets are part of the family and that involves kids and parents too. Would you like photos of you with your pets, or family, or a senior photo session? Of course, I can do that. Below are some examples of my portrait work.


Can you Photoshop skin and take out blemishes?

• I am actually a certified expert in Photoshop (CS6).
• I have been using Photoshop for 20 years.
• I am a little bit of a perfectionist with my photography so I try to create beautiful artwork and I fix every photo.

Can you photograph my family?

• I usually photograph families outside in the park, mostly for the atmosphere and space. Who doesn't love being outside?
• I know plenty of poses and ways to make people look thinner and look their best.
• Pets aren't mandatory for family photos.

Do you photograph high school seniors?

• High school seniors are fun and I love to see their faces light up after I show them how gorgeous they are.

Do you photograph newborn babies?

• I have many props that can be used for babies as well as puppies.
• I usually photograph newborns between 7 and 14 days old.