Mini Sessions

Mini sessions are a fun way to get several cute photos of your pets all year round. They are quicker and cheaper than the individualized "I Love My Pets" session. I have so many fun background ideas to share, that mini sessions are a way I can set them up once and let my customers enjoy them.


What is different about mini sessions?

• Mini sessions are tailored for a holiday, time of the year, or fun idea. They are similar to the baby "cake smash" or "milestone" sessions seen on Instagram.
• They have specific dates and backgrounds that are only available for a limited time.
• They are faster sessions and only last 20 - 30 minutes per pet.

Can I have humans in the photos?

• I focus mainly on the animals first but after I can add you or the kids into the photo. I just ask that you pay a small fee so I can add a little more time to your session.
• What if you don't have a pet but want just your kids in the session, I can do that too. It's no problem. The backgrounds are geared towards pets but kids will usually fit too.

Can I have all my pets in one photo?

Of course!
• I book the session times per pet so if you have 3 pets, you would end up with an hour-and-a-half session.
• I will photograph both individuals as well as groups.

What kind of pets do you photograph?

• I can photograph any pets you have. I have taken pictures of dogs, cats, birds, opossums, guinea pigs, chinchillas, sugar gliders, ferrets, rabbits, raccoons, horses, and cows (fyi - hoofed animals won't fit in my studio lol). Just keep in mind that many of these animals take more time than a mini-session will allow.